Sustainable fisheries are those fisheries that are managed, managed effectively and made sure that the resource is not being wasted and the ecosystem is also being taken into consideration. This approach works to ensure that the ocean’s essential resources are preserved for generations to come. Sustainable fisheries practice better fisheries management techniques, such as stock assessment, which is used to estimate fish population size and can be used to restrict fishing when the population is low. They also use spatial controls, such as closed areas and marine protected areas, to protect sensitive habitats or species. Lastly, sustainable fisheries utilize technology to track and monitor the resource, its habitats, and fishing activities, which helps them uphold their sustainability commitments.

Our Goal; To be the first Carbon Neutral Tuna Factory in the world.
The Paris Agreement is a global climate change agreement adopted in 2015 by countries to reduce carbon emissions. It aims to ensure carbon neutrality in the world by 2050 meaning all emissions must be offset through carbon capture, renewable energy sources like solar and wind and forestry. BKN has set the goal to be carbon neutral by the end of 2024. We are doing this by analyzing all of the factors that cause carbon emissions in our processing and company operations and reducing them. We are also purchasing carbon credits in the country of Indonesia to help offset the carbon emissions from utilities such as electricity that cannot be completely eliminated.
We will keep you posted on our progress!

Our tuna is caught by Indonesian handline tuna fishermen involved in the AP2HI Tuna FIP. All of our fishermen catch tuna by handline, in small vessels. Handline fishing is naturally sustainable as fishermen target large fish with literally zero impact on the environment and, an extremely low incidence of bycatch. Through the FIP process fishermen are trained to avoid endangered, threatened, and protected species as well as safety at sea, sustainable fishing practices, and proper recording of the catch.

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