PT Berkat Kelautan Nusantara was founded in January of 2023. BKN is managed by a group of industry veterans and talented newcomers from different industries who share the same vision. Our vision is to produce sustainable, carbon-neutral, superior quality tuna Indonesian small scale fisheries, and finished goods such as steaks and saku for export to the US and other world markets.

Our Vision


We are more than just a brand; we are individuals dedicated to create a sustainable seafood industry that nourishes people and protects our planet; to empower local fishers and build a thriving seafood industry that respects our oceans; and to lead the way in sustainable seafood through innovation, transparency, and responsible practices.


Our Mission


To be the leader in Indonesia in new and innovative approaches to the seafood supply chain. We focus on reducing climate change by reducing carbon emissions in the seafood supply chain as our livelihood and millions of fishermen depend on healthy oceans.

We also committed to supporting local fishers, and providing the superior quality seafood.

Nusatuna Core Values:

1. Food Safety 

2. Sustainable Fisheries 

3. Local People Empowerment

4. Transparency 

5. Innovation 

6. Carbon Neutrality 


We will work towards carbon neutrality in the seafood supply chain emphasizing systems to reduce CO emissions in both fishing and processing operations and, utilizing solar energy and small-scale electric fishing vessels. Although this will be costly in the short term, our goal is ‘to be the change we wish to see in our world’ and enable the development of sustainable carbon-neutral fisheries and create long-term profitable change.

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