Nusatuna, AP2HI, and local government Provide Assistance to 12 fishing vessels in Bolaang Mangondow Selatan

Nusatuna, through PT. Citra Samudra Nusantara, demonstrates its dedication by strategically collaborating with the Indonesian Pole and Line and Handline Fisheries Association (AP2HI) and the Bolaang Mangondow Selatan local government. This collaboration aims to assist 12 local fishing vessels in obtaining the Small-Scale Marine and Fisheries Resource Administration Regulation (PAS KECIL) and the Fishing Vessel Registration Certificate (TDKP).


Fishers in Bolaang Mangondow Selatan often face significant challenges in obtaining PAS KECIL and TDKP. The Long distance between their residences ad the Harbor Master’s Office and Porth Authority (KSOP) makes the licensing process difficult to access. As a strategic of the fishers, Nusatuna has devised solutions to overcome these challenges. In this collaboration, Nusatuna works with AP2HI and the local government. 


This collaboration involves various program ranging from administrative assistance and training fishers on obtaining PAS KECIL and TDKP, to providing support in the licensing application process. During this process, fishers are given in-dept understanding of PAS standard. This process provides more structured operational certainty and sustainability for the fishers in conducting their fishing activities. 


This program not only addresses regulatory compliance but also focuses on enhancing fishers understanding of sustainable fisheries resources. The fishers now have a better understanding of the appropriate licenses, they can catch tuna in accordance with prevailing regulations. 


With PAS KECIL and TDKP secured, Nusatuna plans the next step of obtaining Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification in collaboration with AP2HI. This certification is considered an international recognition of sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing practices. The process to obtain MSC Certification will involve stringent evaluations of fishing methods, fish stock management, and other environmental impacts. 


The success of this program provides a positive boost to the fisheries industry and serves as an inspirational example of how public-private partnerships can create tangible positive impacts. Nusatuna’s commitment to supporting fishers and sustainable fisheries not only benefits the fishers in Bolaang Mangondow Selatan but also becomes an integral part of efforts towards sustainable fisheries in Indonesia